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Martin Johns has Various Nikon DSLR Items for sale

Having changed from a DSLR system to a micro four thirds set up, I
have a few Nikon fit bits and pieces left. These offer a good chance
to get into DSLR working or just to have as backups if you already use
Nikon gear.

Nikon D5000 body in - I believe - good condition and full working
order, complete with battery, charger etc. Wex have suggested that
they would give me £80 for this. They currently have a similar used
one for sale in the store for £117. I would be prepared to let it go
for their offer price.

Nikon D80 body. I bought this new in 2007 and it has served me well
over the years. Wex declined to take it in part exchange as the pop
up flash doesn't work. (I had never tried to use it...). There are a
couple of spare batteries to go with this body. I think the sensor
probably needs a clean, but it would certainly make a good back up
body kfor £20...

Tamron 18-270mm super zoom. They seem to go for anything from about
£85 to £135 on the second hand market, but Wex declined to make me an
offer. I can't remember why, but it seems still to work OK for me and
has been my "go to" lens for a few years now. Any offer round £50
would be acceptable.

Polaroid fully automatic extension tube set and a good way to get into
big close up and macro work. In excellent condition. Bought a few
years ago for around £55, I'd be happy to accept an offer of around
£20 to £25.

You are welcome to borrow any of these items for a week or so to test
them out as exhaustively as you want.

These are real offers: genuine bids will be considered. I am asking
low prices to club members at this stage to clear out the cupboard and
to contribute towards my next m4/3 lens and hope I can help you
develop your system.

Give me a ring on 01692 597071 if you are interested.

Copy of Elements 9 by Philip Andrews
535 Page Guide for just £5.
Contact Micheal Moore for details.

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