The name of the club shall be NORTH WALSHAM PHOTOGRAPHIC GROUP.

To promote & facilitate the hobby of photography at all levels.

To include any amateur or professional with an interest in photography. Honorary members may be elected on the recommendation of the committee. It is implicit that every member undertakes to comply with the rules. Failure to do so without justification could lead to expulsion.

The financial year of the club shall be from the 1st February to 31st January each year.

Annual subscriptions:
The rate of annual subscription paid by members shall be determined at each AGM or as amended by a General Meeting.
Annual subscriptions are due on the 1st March and are payable by the 31st March each year. If a member’s subscription is not received after this reminder, membership will have deemed to have lapsed. (For ex-members who wish to rejoin the club the annual subscription will become payable on the first attendance of a normal club meeting).

Junior members:
Those aged 16 or under or in full time education will only have to pay half the adult subscription.

Reduced subscription:
We offer a 50% reduction in the subscription for members’ spouses or partners living at the same address.

Members attend meetings at no charge. Refreshments will attract a charge. Special events may attract a charge which will be advised in advance.

Potential members:
Potential members will be able to attend three meetings before their subscriptions become due. Potential members (and ex-members) joining the club after the 31st August will only have to pay half the annual subscription.

Members may bring non-participating guests to the meetings at a charge of £1 per guest per night. Such guests would not be eligible for the three free evenings customary for prospective members.

The treasurer will maintain properly audited accounts to be presented at the AGM. All monies of the club shall be paid into a bank or building society account. Cheques shall be signed by any two of three club signatories.

The following officials shall be elected annually at the AGM. – Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and secretary.

This shall consist of the club officials plus at least three additional members but not more than half the total membership. Nominations can be received at any time in writing to the secretary or by proposal to a General Meeting. The committee shall be allowed to co-opt members as circumstances dictate.

The AGM to be held between the 10th February and the 10th March each year. Motions to be discussed should be given in writing to the secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

General Meetings:
These can be called by the committee, or at least a quarter of the membership giving 14 days written notice to the secretary.

Members and junior members each have one vote. Honorary members have no vote. The Chairman has the casting vote.

Where the committee feels that a member is guilty of misconduct, it shall raise the matter at the next open meeting and a vote regarding what, if any, disciplinary action shall be taken. Misconduct shall be defined in the widest sense to include any dishonourable action or anything detrimental to the club.

The club may be dissolved only by the consent of three fourths of the members present at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. Such meetings shall appoint a liquidator and decide on disposal of all the club funds and assets.