2015/16 Q4 Digital Images; "Street Life"

Scores out of 10 for each image. The two scores for each members entries are then combined to determine the winner.
1KevinOsborneWintery walk home10
3RayWoolcockNorwich at night9.5
4RichardPowellI've a biggun!8.5
5RichardPowellSmiles on a wet day8.5
6BelindaRollDancing in the street8.5
7BelindaRollLivin' on the edge8.5
9SueBadgerThe Greyhounds8
12BrianMarcerEnjoying the music8
13BrianMarcerInspecting the troops8
14GrahamMorrisKeeping an eye out8
15GrahamMorrisHope it don't rain8
16SarahToonLiverpool Street Station8
17SarahToonNo hands in the traffic!!8
18BobWhitbreadJust sitting & waiting8
19KenYerrillMan and his dogs8
20JimCobbOdd Feet7.5
21SusanCobbCoffee Break7.5
22RachelFarrowHanging around the streets7.5
23TrevorFiddyYes Dear!7.5
24MikeKingMy Shop7.5
26MikeMooreGoing Away7.5
27ChrisOwenPiggy Back7.5
29CatherineDe HayesRed all about it7.5
30PeterBoneyRush hour "I don’t think so"7.5
31JimCobbLow Life7
33RachelFarrowGetting around7
34TrevorFiddyno silver spoon here7
35LizFiddyCarnaval Street7
36MartinJohns"Right hand down a bit"7
37MikeKingTea and a fag7
38MichaelOttawayStreetlife in Suffolk7
39ChrisOwen1st Class Delivery7
40JohnRiggottStreet Music7
41BobWhitbreadPlaying to the crowd7
42RayWoolcockDavey Place7
43PeterBoneyChips on the hoof7
44SueBadgerThe Ousider6
45LizFiddyand the coffee still travels…6
46MichaelOttawayBury St Edmunds6