2014/15 Q4 Digital Images; "At Work"

Scores out of 10 for each image. The two scores for each members entries are then combined to determine the winner.
SueBadgerHard At Rest7
SueBadgerPaella Pan7
PeterBoneyBeet Time7
PeterBoneyStaff of Life8
GaileBuckinghamWorking on Sheringham Line7.5
GaileBuckinghamAt End of Working Day8
RachelFarrowNet Mender at Work7.5
RachelFarrowPotter at Work7
TrevorFiddyThe Big Issue8
TrevorFiddyLettuce Picking7
LizFiddyPink Perm Perhaps?7
LizFiddySteam Clean Mud from Beet Loader8.5
MikeKingFinishing Touches6
MikeKingAdding Flux to Molten Iron6
KevinOsborneSerious Scaffolding8.5
KevinOsborneFire Eater10
GrahamMorrisSix Drummers Drumming8
ChrisOwenNew Build6
ChrisOwenOne Lump or Two7.5
MichaelOttawayCrane at Work8
MichaelOttawayHard Work This Is7
RichardPowellThe Lemon Seller7.5
JohnRiggottAt Work 16
JohnRiggottAt Work 27.5
BelindaRollHappy Hugo8
BelindaRollHanging Around9
SarahTooneBoat Building7
SarahTooneInvisible Hands8.5
BobWhitbreadStorm Repairs8
BobWhitbreadLet Me Help7
RayWoolcockEarly Morning Start7
RayWoolcockStreet Walker7.5
KenYerrillMum at Work10
KenYerrillPuffin at Work9