2014/15 Q3 Digital Images; "Man & Machine"

Scores out of 10 for each image. The two scores for each members entries are then combined to determine the winner.
SueBadgerOn Guard9
SueBadgerIt's Not the Size that Counts7
GaileBuckinghamI'm Watching You7
GaileBuckinghamMemories of Meccano7
ValerieDixonSteam Attraction5
ValerieDixonDancing Diggers9
RachelFarrowTree Felling8
RachelFarrowSheep Shearing6
TrevorFiddyOnly His Pride is Hurt6
TrevorFiddyRight Behind You9
LizFiddyThree Men - One Machine7
LizFiddyAngel of Norfolk with Tractor9
RichardGamblingPuffing Billy8
GrahamMorrisMake My Day7
GrahamMorrisMission Awaits8
MichaelOttawaySpeedy Gonzales8
MichaelOttawayPark Side Station6
RichardPowellHold On9
RichardPowellToo Close to Call8
JohnRiggottMan & Flying Machine6
JohnRiggottMan & Steam Machine8
BelindaRollJimi Hendrix MkII6
BelindaRollNeed for Speed10
SarahTooneOn Duty8
SarahTooneMessages in A Mega Crane8
BobWhitbreadAbove It All10
RayWoolcockReady for Touchdown9
RayWoolcockAssembly Work7
KeithWrightHarvesting Beans6
KeithWrightTurning the Soil9
BuntyMcCleanLog Splitting7
BuntyMcCleanShe's A Beauty6