2014/15 Q1 Digital Images; "Architecture"

Scores out of 10 for each image. The two scores for each members entries are then combined to determine the winner.
SueBadgerKings Cross Concourse10
SueBadgerMore London7
PeterBoddyA Place To Rest7
PeterBoddyReflections of Newcastle9
GaileBuckinghamArches at Bacton Priory7
GaileBuckinghamChimney Stack, Kings Arms St6.5
SteveEvansTwin Towers10
RachelFarrowValencia Science Park7.5
RachelFarrowBodnant Garden8
TrevorFiddyConverging Spires7.5
TrevorFiddySunlit Font8.5
LizFiddyWhat A Pane8
LizFiddy.. And then there's building8
RichardGamblingAir-Conditioned Property7.5
RichardGamblingDon't Look Now7
MartinJohnsThe Blue Boathouse7
MartinJohnsThe Forum9
MikeKingLibrary Steps8.5
MikeKingOnto Each Balcony ……8.5
ChristineMcCleanTracery Detail7.5
ChristineMcCleanEyes of God8.5
MarionMillership95 degrees F7.5
MarionMillershipIn the Shade7.5
MikeMooreSt Catherine's Monastery8
MikeMooreNorwich R.C.Cathedral8.5
GrahamMorrisJedburgh Abbey7.5
GrahamMorrisLochawe Church Cloisters7
MichaelOttawayHunstanton Lighthouse7
MichaelOttawayNorwich Cathedral7.5
RichardPowellEye Eye8.5
JohnRiggottNo 498
JohnRiggottDes Res Eden7.5
BelindaRollSt Pauls & Millenium Bridge9
BelindaRollSlate Roof6.5
BobWhitbreadThe Beginning7.5
BobWhitbreadNorwich Cathedral7.5
RayWoolcockArchitecture Past & Present9
RayWoolcockSt Andrews Car Park9.5
KeithWrightNo Ordinary Chimneystack8
KeithWrightStone and Flintwork8